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Lingonberry-caramel pastry baskets

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Elegant appearance, cosily homely flavour! When a dessert combines creamy caramel, the local tart wonder-berry and fluffy whipped cream, the result may only be tasty, healthy and crisp as befits the north.


18 pcs small shortcrust pastry baskets

190 g lukewarm caramelized condensed milk (Jaani)

100 g Salvest Lingonberry jam

100 ml cooking cream

1 tsp vanilla sugar

balm mint leaves for decorating


Do so:

Place the baskets on a serving platter and fill every basket up with half a teaspoon of condensed milk. Next, add half a teaspoon of lingonberry jam in every basket. Whip the cooking cream and vanilla sugar into a light foam, lift the mix in a pastry bag and decorate the baskets with whipped cream. If you wish, decorate the baskets with a balm mint leaf and serve immediately

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