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Extensive experience

High-quality ingredients

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Cranberry-orange smoothie

Juicy orange and sweet banana are a good company to a sour cranberry which altogether makes this cranberry-orange smoothie a healthy snack or a fast breakfast.

Fizzy cranberry cocktail

This refreshing and fizzy cocktail is perfect for a Summer garden party. To make a bright red cocktail you can use dry sparkling wine or a non-alcoholic sparkling wine.

Classical potato salad

Klassikaline kartulisalat_Salvesti retsept
The real classic of Estonian party tables that never misses a birthday or the New Year’s Eve! Before you start cooking, keep in mind that the right taste of the salad is achieved with Salvest’s best ingredients.

Lingonberry-caramel pastry baskets

Elegant appearance, cosily homely flavour! When a dessert combines creamy caramel, the local tart wonder-berry and fluffy whipped cream, the result may only be tasty, healthy and crisp as befits the north.

Cabbage and groats stew

A proper winter dish from the treasury of our forefathers’ recipes. In addition to the cabbages and groats, it receives extra flavour from a sufficiently brown bacon. The filling stew is wonderfully easy to make and is a welcome guest at any winter feast.

Lingonberry sauce with orange and ginger

The multi-talented lingonberry is already a familiar guest on our holiday menus. When adding some exotic notes in the form of orange and ginger, we will discover a symphony of flavours that tastes well with both meat, sausages and why not even desserts!

After-holidays cabbage soup

If plenty of fried cabbage and a few meat cuts are left over from the holidays, it is time to let your belly take a rest from solid food, and make a proper cabbage soup. A nourishing plateful for the winter!