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You can find your favourite soup from our products! We have soups from Estonian cuisine to traditional soups like solyanka, borsch and rassolnik. We have soups for vegetarians and children who are often picky when it comes to food.

Dishes for lunch

Delicious dishes for lunch for the whole family! Our broad product category offers Estonian traditional dishes for lunch but also meals from Italian, Caucasian and Mexican cuisine. Pick your favourite!


Cabbage is an excellent accompaniment to both everyday and party dishes. We offer different types of cabbages. For example, traditional Estonian sauerkraut dish and fried sauerkraut which is made with carrot or rapeseed oil. Pick your favourite!


Summer barbeque, casual pasta dish or sandwiches made after school... Salvest ketchups are perfect for almost every dish that is made at home. Ketchup is great with sausages and french fries or as a sauce on pizza or toast. Our Ketchup is made in Estonia to please everyone and it offers you a great tomato taste!

Sauces and mayonnaise

Our  sauces and mayonnaise are ideal for everyday meals. We offer a great range of mayonnaise which is made of the best locally-grown rapeseed oil. You can find your favourite from our sauces and mayonnaise!

Pickles and salads

Salvest offers a great variety of pickles and salads so that everybody can find their favourite. Our pickles are nicely crunchy bites, which are suitable as a light snack or a side to the main course. We offer delicious vegetable salads that strike just the perfect balance between spices and vegetables, pairing ideally with summer grilled foods as well as winter meat dishes.


Meie Mari jams are kids' favourites! Jams are made of quality raw material and they don't contain any peservatives. Our jams are perfect for pancakes, desserts or pastry.


Salvest "Mahlakas" is full of vitamins and good mood! We have a broad range of quality drinks with pulp which give an active start for your mornings. "Mahlakas" is a great alternative snack before workout. Our high-quality drinks with pulp do not contain artificial additives or preservatives and are packed in an environmental friendly glass bottle.


Smushie is a new smoothie brand from Salvest which is made for smoothielovers! We use the best ecological raw material. We use quality berry and fruit purees plus superfood elements that give you the energy needed for the busy day. Due to the doypack it is convenient to consume our smoothie on the go or at the same time with other activities – before workout, hiking or at work. Our products do not contain added sugar, preservatives or any other additives. Smushie smoothies are super boosters for your active days.

HoReCa products

Salvest offers products for HoReCa sector. Perfect for companies or catering big events. Our product range includes jams, spreads, pickles, salads, cabbages, soups and dishes for lunch.