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These juicy drinks make every day full of sunshine!

  • Cranberry-orange smoothie

    Juicy orange and sweet banana are a good company to a sour cranberry which altogether makes this cranberry-orange smoothie a healthy snack or a fast breakfast.

  • Fizzy cranberry cocktail

    This refreshing and fizzy cocktail is perfect for a Summer garden party. To make a bright red cocktail you can use dry sparkling wine or a non-alcoholic sparkling wine.

Vegetarian dishes

A tasty and nourishing dish can be prepared without meat as well!

  • Mushroom and cabbage pie

    A holiday feast that includes a mushroom pie will stand out! The crunchy, golden and delicious pie also makes an excellent gift, if you visit friends or family during the holidays.

  • Tomato-flavoured vegetable and rice casserole

    Salvest Pasta Sauce with Vegetables adds juiciness to this summery, fresh and light dish. The recipe fits well in the vegetarian menu as well.

  • Baked potatoes with herb mayonnaise

    Golden, creamy potatoes, seasoned with mayonnaise, garlic and herbs, are welcomed on both everyday dinners and at feasts. As you know, baked potatoes are an excellent side to almost any kind of meat or fish.

Christmas dishes

Around Christmas and New-Year’s Eve, only the best and even better is served!

  • Cabbage and groats stew

    A proper winter dish from the treasury of our forefathers’ recipes. In addition to the cabbages and groats, it receives extra flavour from a sufficiently brown bacon. The filling stew is wonderfully easy to make and is a welcome guest at any winter feast.

  • Lingonberry sauce with orange and ginger

    The multi-talented lingonberry is already a familiar guest on our holiday menus. When adding some exotic notes in the form of orange and ginger, we will discover a symphony of flavours that tastes well with both meat, sausages and why not even desserts!

  • Sweet & sour fried cabbage with apples and cranberries

    You can refresh and heat up a true classic with easily available ingredients! The sweet and sour flavour combination marries well with both potatoes and all kinds of meat dishes that we love in these parts.

  • Mayonnaise biscuits with Christmas spices

    Why not use the diverse mayonnaise also in desserts! The exciting-tasting and crispy biscuits are easy to prepare and are suitable for both serving at home and taking along when visiting friends.


The sweet final chords of your feasts will ring in the souls of your guests for a long time!

  • Oat flake crumble with lingonberry jam and apples

    Homely-tasting holiday treat that gives a sweet final chord to your winter feasts. Crunchy on top and juicy inside, the cake takes little time and effort to make. Be sure to try this delicacy with ice cream!

  • Lingonberry-caramel pastry baskets

    Elegant appearance, cosily homely flavour! When a dessert combines creamy caramel, the local tart wonder-berry and fluffy whipped cream, the result may only be tasty, healthy and crisp as befits the north.

  • Chocolate and mayonnaise cake

    Mayonnaise may also be the cornerstone of the sweetest moments of a dinner! The creamy chocolate cake tastes and looks like the creation of a world-class confectioner and is to the taste of any sweet-tooth.

  • Mayonnaise biscuits with Christmas spices

    Why not use the diverse mayonnaise also in desserts! The exciting-tasting and crispy biscuits are easy to prepare and are suitable for both serving at home and taking along when visiting friends.


Crispy and golden on top and juicy and tasty inside!

Fish dishes

It does not have to be Thursday to create exciting fish dishes!

  • Bread bites with smoked salmon and horseradish pâté

    An appetizer that you may encounter on the platters of fancy reception parties. In the Nordic-style simple bite-sized rye bread basket, you will taste a nicely pungent salmon mousse – simply excellent!

  • Bite-sized salmon baskets

    Lõhekorvikesed_Salvesti retsept

    An eye-catching and delicious snack with a rich mayonnaise and creamy smoked salmon filling. Give the easy-to-make baskets the last elegant touch with red caviar and finely minced chives!

  • Fish in sweet and sour sauce

    Asian-styled fresh and light dish low in calories, where white and red fish meet with vegetables and, of course, Salvest Sweet&Sour Sauce with its sweet and sour notes. Serve with rice or quinoa!

Meat dishes

Manly and tasty dishes for a proper meal and the family’s delight!

  • Spicy courgettes filled with chicken mince

    If you enjoy spicy flavours and courgettes grow in your garden, this is the right recipe for you! The quick and healthy dish also looks tasty, so it is excellent for serving on summer lunches. An ideal recipe, if you love spicy flavours and courgettes! The quick and healthy dish is well-suited for summer lunches.

  • Pork under an onion and mayonnaise blanket

    Honest homely food that you can serve to the guests with pride. The secret ingredient of this hearty dish is Salvest Mayonnaise with Horseradish!

  • Mayonnaise chicken with orange filling

    A proper crispy baked chicken with additional flavour from sweet southern orange. One roast generously feeds the whole family or a group of friends. Who goes for the legs, who wants the breast?!

Pasta dishes

Born in Italy and beloved also up north, in Estonia!

  • Cheesy Bolognese Pasta Dish

    Salvest Bolognese Pasta Sauce, Mozzarella, Parmesan and high-quality pasta is all you need to prepare this tasty pasta dish. A nicely cheesy panful is guaranteed treat for every pasta lover!

  • Spaghetti with tomato sauce and meatballs

    Spagetid tomatikastme ja lihapallidega_Salvesti retsept

    A pasta classic that everybody is able to make. This Italian-style dish is suitable for the whole family, and is a special favourite of children. However, time has shown that it is an especially great favourite of children!

  • Pasta with Mediterranean herb sauce and prawns

    A Mediterranean-flavoured prawn dish. Its exotic nuances come from juicy tiger prawns and spiciness from garlic and chilli. This is your change to serve your guests or family a real gourmet dish!

  • Chicken and vegetable pasta with black olives

    Olives, corner stone of the Mediterranean cuisine, are also welcome components in these parts. Match olives with chicken, pasta and Salvest Pasta Sauce with Vegetables, and serve the tasty result with rucola and Parmesan.

  • Chicken and pasta casserole

    Clean and healthy tastes that are easy to achieve. The main component of this casserole is Salvest Primavera Pasta Sauce with Chicken that oozes the emotions of Mediterranean cuisine. Bravissimo!


A proper creamy salad is an excellent side on both the celebration and everyday dinner table!

  • Classical potato salad

    Klassikaline kartulisalat_Salvesti retsept

    The real classic of Estonian party tables that never misses a birthday or the New Year’s Eve! Before you start cooking, keep in mind that the right taste of the salad is achieved with Salvest’s best ingredients.


Soup-lovers, keep your spoons ready – exciting tastes await ahead!

  • After-holidays cabbage soup

    If plenty of fried cabbage and a few meat cuts are left over from the holidays, it is time to let your belly take a rest from solid food, and make a proper cabbage soup. A nourishing plateful for the winter!

  • Minestrone Soup

    Minestrone supp_Salvesti retsept

    A real soup classic that is easy to make, even if you are not a master chef. Rich in tomatoes, the thick Italian soup is a spicy and flavourful experience for any soup lover. Buon appetito!


Exciting and eye-catching welcome snacks for special occasions!